Buzz text formatting = Google Chat formatting = Facebook chat formatting

Enclose in asterisks for bold: *sample text* –> sample text
Enclose in hyphens for strikethrough: -sample text- –> sample text
Enclose in underscores for italics: _sample text_ –> sample text
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2 thoughts on “Buzz text formatting = Google Chat formatting = Facebook chat formatting”

  1. Mmh… _sample text_ (italic) won’t work with GTalk, however it works well with Buzz. Smiles doesn’t behave like GTalk. I know this is not really important… but it is pretty annoying, they should unify how the parse text for the peace of lazy minds like mine 😀

  2. I agree with Andrea – they need more consistency on this. I guess there aren’t a lot of formatting options but even for the few that they use, they should at least incorporate the same conventions for these – it’s one of the basic guidelines for user interface design! 🙂


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