Blogger FTP Deprecation

I only mention this because there are still a few people with blogs publishable to via Blogger (even though they are no longer really updated), including T, G-man, and my mom. Google is cutting you off because it costs them too much money. If you want a blog here, I’ll set something else up, so let me know.

2 thoughts on “Blogger FTP Deprecation”

  1. I want one. The only thing holding me back is learning how to use it properly and add videos, photos, etc. But I’d like to be known as the mother of Cosmic Buddha!

  2. i would like to know. although it hasbeen quite a long while since we last blogged onit. crazy, i was cruzing through shinagawa station today,on my way back from a mtg with motorola, and i saw the popo jackin up a guy i thought was your dad. it bore such resemblence, i had to take a second look. random, but still, a real event.

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