Max has a stomach bug or something

He threw up everything four times today. I thought he had gotten a bit better after he came with me to our faculty’s new year dinner and he chowed on steamed fish, but he threw it all up again after we came home. Oops. Had to strip sheets off of two king size beds and start drying mattresses with fans.
We keep making him rehydrate, but dehydration is a fear since he throws up so much; we’ll take him to the clinic tomorrow.
Mina is being no more or less cooperative than can be expected of a soft, pink, newborn potato lump.

1 thought on “Max has a stomach bug or something

  1. Pedialyte is great for rehydration. You can make it into popsicles or slush if he doesn’t want to drink it outright. I think I saw it at the grocery store, but make sure it’s made in a safe country, if you get my drift!
    I hope he feels better soon and that baby Mina stays well!

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