Max and Mina Tag Team

One cries and needs to be held while walking – not sitting, not laying down, not even standing still! – and eventually cries loud enough to wake the other one. They keep us awake for long stretches but somehow get rest themselves by alternating crying times.
On a happier note, Max seems to have gotten over his separation anxiety at when we drop him off at nursery school. I dropped him off the past couple days and noticed he was crying less, and only fake crying at that. Today Nam called to say that when she dropped him off, he walked into the school himself and shut the gate on her!

1 thought on “Max and Mina Tag Team

  1. Ahhhh, how I miss the nostalgic days of yore, holding you while trying to carry your newborn baby sister who you tried to swat and push away, both of you yowling loudly! 🙂 You even told me to “take her BACK, NOW!”
    Oh the joy.
    Shutting the gate on mommy, funny! It’s good to hear that Max is settling into day care and able to focus on looking ahead and joining his classmates, not just concentrating on mommy. That must make you feel better, too!

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