3 thoughts on “Input – Output

  1. Wow, what a shocker. It it my imagination or were all of the respondents male? It’s amazing what guys talk about and kind of disgusting, but in an interesting way.
    About the wiping during standing and dealing with poopy stains; I wonder about the lack of proper early childhood toilet training for the stander/cheek-pulling skidmarkers.
    Did anyone check the religious affiliation of said standers vs sitters?
    As for a preponderance of standing skidmarkers being from New Jersey, I do get that part.
    And I vehemently hate, absolutely hate to go to a dirty asian bathroom and see muddy shoe prints all over the toilet seat!

  2. For what it’s worth, my ex used to not only stand up, but turn around and bend over to wipe his behind. I think he must’ve started doing this at age 3 and no one ever broke him of the habit.

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