2 thoughts on “Another Facebook Hack

  1. Using a simple scraping tool, a marketer could then turn a list of e-mail addresses into a rich, full-fledged set of marketing profiles, with names, pictures, ages, locations, interests, photos, wall posts, affiliations and names of your friends, depending on how users have their profiles set. Run a few algorithms on that data and you can start to make inferences about race, income, sexual orientation and interests.
    I suppose a marketer *could* do this, but it would take a lot of time and money per data entry. FB already has all of this information, right?

  2. When I read the article the first thing I thought was “misdirection.” Actually getting hacked wouldn’t make FB any money, but it could cover the transfer of “compromised” data. At any rate, at this point it will take a lot more than that to have any effect whatsoever on the virtual agriculturalist horde.

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