I ran around doing errands all day after waking up fairly late – Nam got up early to do something and she’s off doing something again. I’d protest that it’s better for her to lay around and get rest, but everybody deals with this kind of stress in different ways. We are excited, and happy, and anxious.
Tomorrow is a big day.
The C-section is scheduled for 9 am. I plan to watch. Max will be with his babysitter, and later at grandma’s house with his aunt. I will be caregiver for a week or so, in between teaching what few classes I have this week (there are holidays on Monday and Thursday).

1 thought on “Excited

  1. Prayers and Love are with you all, Justin.
    Wish I could be there in person to see your little girl being born, so in time and space, i will be.
    Many fortunate blessings! Mom

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