daddy needs sleeeeeeep

Mina is a fixture installed on my arms.
Meconium exploded more than once last night.
Nam is doing much better – the saline drip and catheter have been removed, and she is up and about.
Colostrum has just started to flow, and the baby makes little piggy noises when feeding.
That is all.

7 thoughts on “daddy needs sleeeeeeep

  1. Meconium???????? Colostrum?????????? That’s some serious scientific schitt. Do babies fart? Is that called something else? Flatulum, perhaps? Yes, indeedy.

  2. Ah, the nostalgic days of green baby poop. It gets worse when they start eating solid food and then a lot worse when they start eating meat, but you know that of course 🙂 Glad to hear mother and baby are doing well. Please let us know when you see the first signs of sibling rivalry.

  3. Glad to hear that Mina’s internal pipes are clearing out naturally and that the immunity rich pre-milk is flowing easily this time. Nam must be way more at ease this time around, and you too!

  4. dude, didn’t you get the memo? you’re supposed to get rest before the baby arrives…
    am happy you are getting some bonding time in…has max gotten to interact with her much?

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