Baby Mina! (with photos)

Everything went well!
We have a new baby girl… Her name is Mina (??), pronounced mee-na.
Unfortunately, almost no one in Nam’s family has the courage/skills to hold a baby, which means I am caring for Min and Nam while they take care of Max. Oh, well. Baby Mina is strong. Baby Mina likes being held. Baby Mina is already suckling. Daddy is going to upload a series of photos representing the first few hours with Mina via EDGE-enabled mobile phone, so it may take a while…

10 thoughts on “Baby Mina! (with photos)

  1. Great pics, Jus! Nam looks very beautiful and contented with long-awaited baby girl in her arms. Mina is so alert! And Maxie’s expression as he looks at his baby sister is priceless.
    Happy Holidays, indeed!

  2. Third picture from the bottom (second pict with Nam and Mina), Mina has this “WTF” look on her face – priceless! Food looks kickass!! Congrats, dude. Good work, Nam. Help daddy take good care of your little sis, Max.

  3. CONGRATS! Half Thai/Half Japanese children are the cutest in the world (but I am a little biased 😛 )
    Was little Mina born on the 7th? Because that is her big cousin Keiley’s B-Day too!
    Chok Dee Mak Mak!

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