34 hours and counting

We are officially scheduled to arrive at the private hospital behind SermThai department store at 8:00 on Sunday morning. We went to check out everything in person tonight and take over some documents from Nam’s OBGYN. I have been informed that I can watch the caesarian if I so desire… I’m still thinking about that one.
A small mountain of luggage has been prepared for the few days to a week stay we are planning on; I’ll load it in the car tomorrow.
We went to the clinic today for a final checkup and it seems the baby may be a big one… If head size is any indication, perhaps even four kilograms!
We are in a unique state of being anxiously busy yet trying to relax…

4 thoughts on “34 hours and counting

  1. Dude, be with Nam and baby. It is relatively bloodless and amazing! A C-section baby is flawless, very beautiful once they wipe the goop off.
    Bond with baby….she’s used to hearing your daddy voice and will need your calm, strong energy. And I vote with David B, take pictures please.
    It would be swell to get someone to take Daddy/Mommy/Baby Girl photos so that you can be in the picture, okay?
    I am curious….why are you reluctant to be there? Tap on your anxiety because this is an amazing event! To see Nam’s face when she first sees the daughter she soooo wanted!….Kodak moment, my son.
    I had a thought….you got to watch your baby sisters being born when you were little….maybe it traumatized you or something?

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