RIP Pinky

I was away on a scouting trip for our upcoming International Camp all today and seem to have come down with something nasty, hopefully not the piggy flu.
The worst news today, though, is that a stray dog came into our yard, snapped Pinky’s neck, and carried him off. Nam saw the carrying off part and knows which dog it is. Vengeance will be mine…

4 thoughts on “RIP Pinky

  1. If it’s a stray you can use the same method I prefer for cats in Japan. Think par 5 and you’re still several hundred yards from the pin…

  2. *sigh*
    It was a matter of time, I guess.
    Those roaming packs of stray dogs around your neighborhood are awful but in a famine situation, I suppose you could BBQ them. You ate lizards and rats. Why not dog?

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