Getting Musical (Thai Ranat Xylophone & Toy Snare)

The Doraemon snare is a $5 cheapie we bought at the bicycle/toy store in Kalasin where we went to buy a baby seat for the nanny’s bicycle a month ago. The wooden xylophone is called a ranat (or more specifically, a ranat ek) which was donated to the Yoshida Instrument Collection by Tanaka-sensei, a close friend who is leaving Sarakham at the end of the month. The ranat is tuned by placing wax lumps along the underside of each wooden slab; all of these have fallen off and we need to find somebody who knows how to tune it. Hopefully there will be someone at Nam’s university since they have a big music department.
His majesty’s wooden throne was obtained separately but it’s like the coolest chair I’ve ever seen. I really want a bigger one since my big ass won’t fit in this one.

4 thoughts on “Getting Musical (Thai Ranat Xylophone & Toy Snare)

  1. My uncle makes the wicker chairs and sends to the shop at the center of Thailand. If u want big size tell me, May be he can make for order.

  2. Well, there goes my idea for a Christmas present, since he has a drum.
    Maybe cymbals to crash?
    Or a good ol’ cowbell…

  3. Where are you putting all this cool stuff? I can only imagine.
    Max is a hambone now….very charming “chee-zu” photos!

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