Pinky’s still still alive

I really should take a photo because he (He may very well be a she, but who can tell? He acts like a he. Then again, he was smart enough not to go over the fence and get eaten by the doberman next door like his siblings, so maybe he’s a she…) is now about four times bigger than when we got him and it’s getting very cramped in his sleeping box. He started acting like a pet a week or so after he became the last chick standing, coming back to the box every day when it got dark and running around our legs for food… Now he’s Max’s first pet.
He loves to eat crabs. Who knows why, but these little marsh crabs sometimes wander into our yard from the pond across the street. When Pinkie sees one, he picks off all their legs and arms, then pecks out the eyes. If I catch him doing it, I’ll usually smash the crab’s carapace and then Pinkie gets to eat a fine kanimiso. It’s his favorite treat. Today I ran over a fairly large one on the way out of the driveway. I took it to Pinkie and realized that at some point he must have gotten pinched, because he was a lot more cautious than he was the first couple of times I saw him go at it. This crab was already dead and smashed, though. Pinkie started to chow down and I left for work a second time.
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Also: Here’s a photo of the kind of crab mentioned above that I took a couple years ago, before our house was complete.

2 thoughts on “Pinky’s still still alive

  1. WHAT, no picture of Pinky?? Cruel, that!
    Question: Is Pinky still pink or has she grown out her pinfeathers by now? Does she try to crow? Or squawk? Or is she still peeping?
    It’s funny when their voices mature and they sound like boys at puberty.
    Can Max say “Pinky” or does he say something else?
    Strange and wonderful that Pinky has survived this long. I do recall that those humongous rats are around and I wonder if they predate on birds?

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