Pink Water Buffalo Photos!!

A few weeks ago, Nam wanted to buy some more maternity clothes so we got in the car and headed off to Non Kuan Chang (sp?), a nearby village with the best silk shop in the region. The shop is run by my coworker’s mother-in-law, with several looms and weaving machines on an elevated bamboo work area outside and an extension of their big house used to hold/display finished products. I took photos there the first time I visited Sarakham seven or eight years ago and need to do so again; today I’m not writing about silk though.
Max had fallen asleep in the car on the way, and since it was a cool day I just opened the car windows and parked right in front of the shop so I could hear if he woke up. I walked around looking at this and that for a while (after trying a couple traditional Thai silk shirts over the years, it’s clear that they are simply too hot for me), but eventually got sleepy. I decided to take a nap on the shiny hardwood bench on the porch while Nam and the shopkeeper did their thing. I’m not too ashamed to admit that I woke myself up by snoring and also slightly drooled on a nice shiny silk pillow. I hope it wasn’t for sale.
After Nam chose a really cool piece of mommy clothes, Max woke up and got clingy on daddy so it was decided that mommy would drive home while big sleepyhead entertained little sleepyhead in the back seat. On our way home, on the narrow village road running between the silk shop and the highway, I spotted an apparition straight out of my dreams:
He was a young male being kept by a family under their house-on-stilts. A young boy was feeding him and ran away when Nam stopped the car and I jumped out. His mother came out to see what had happened and I asked if I could take some photos. Unfortunately, I only had my phone.
The coolest thing? He was so friendly! Even though I’m pretty good with animals, I hesitate to approach ones that are big enough to hurt me and not even feel it. This big guy was really calm, though.
I’d been itching to get photos ever since the last time I saw a pink buffalo, so I was very happy. Very, very happy.

2 thoughts on “Pink Water Buffalo Photos!!

  1. Dude, it’s a sign! Nam went to get maternity clothes and you got to pet a PINK hello kitty water buffalo! (
    Please don’t name a baby girl “pink water buffalo” in Thai. That would be mean).

  2. though my family also once fed water buffaloes when i was a child, this pinky collection still seems special for me
    ..i agree with u that this creature is really friendly and polite
    but as the earlier comment said, the baby girl name’s should have nothing related to this kitty pinky bffl. LOL

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