Max is being bad today

He came home from a trip with mommy and threw a tantrum so long and so hard that he finally barfed all over daddy. Then he nearly wriggled out of daddy’s arms when put in the shower. Then he fell asleep for 30 minutes, woke up in a foul mood, and bit mommy’s shoulder and wouldn’t let go.
I cannot imagine what having two will be like.

3 thoughts on “Max is being bad today

  1. It’s totally weird, isn’t it, where the crazy grumpies come from out of no where? What did he eat prior to and on the trip?
    Hang in there. He’s not doing this intentionally. He’s feeling bad and acting like a normal baby.
    You should have seen you at his age, ’nuff said!
    Give Max a hug and taps from me!

  2. He has to be on bad behavior now, while he’s still cute. He can still get away with anything, because he’s king ’til the new baby arrives.
    Smart boy!

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