Frak Yahoo Mail

As an added incentive to switch to something better if you already haven’t, consider what happened to my Yahoo Japan email account (used as a third backup) after I didn’t log in for four months: They deleted all my messages and declared the same would happen time and time again unless I logged in more often or subscribed to one of their pay services like broadband or “online security!”
Then, waiting in my inbox was a mysterious email saying that all of my deleted messages could be restored – for a fee, of course. This whole affair reminds me of Hotmail of olden times, except that Yahoo Mail has nothing, absolutely nothing to offer users that they can’t get more of – and in sweeter packages – elsewhere.
F ’em.

2 thoughts on “Frak Yahoo Mail

  1. Dang, I just checked my hotmail account that I hadn’t checked for a few months and all of my old mail is gone. I never used the account, but kept it open just in case someone tried to use it to get in touch.
    Oh well, torch the bastard. The shred of nostalgia that I felt about that account no longer exists.

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