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I just went through my bookmarks, which have been transferred from browser to newer browser to internet bookmarking service to different browser to FTP site via FF plugin to even shinier browser over the past eight years and not really cleaned for the past three.
Its amazing how many sites are gone, mostly replaced by domain sitters now. I figure about 80% of the blogs I’ve ever bookmarked are either deserted (in the case of a free hosting service like blogspot) or just gone.
Blogging feels so old school… I remember the moblogging and videoblogging fads very well. Hell, kid, when I was your age we walked to our blogs ten miles and back – through the snow!

3 thoughts on “Wayback archive

  1. And you know what sunny, we had something called “dial-up” where you had to call a phone number to get to your email and a single picture of a naked woman took 30 minutes to download – and we were happy!

  2. I have a handful of bookmarks I use on a daily basis but the bulk of what I save goes to delicious where it’s all tagged and whatnot…

  3. Yeah, I remember when you switched from Furl to Delicious. You inspired me to switch as well. I still miss the ability to save a copy of the page (as we could on Furl), though.
    P.S. Well I just tried to get to my old furl account – all of the traffic is being redirected to a site called Diigo. I guess that just proves the point of this post.

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