smell my armpit

I forgot to post my instructional photo on how to harvest bananas, caveman style:
Unable to hold the clump with one hand while chopping with the other (the clump was hanging over into the neighbor’s yard in an awkward position – don’t worry they got their cut!), I instead used E. Honda power to rip it off.
This was taken a couple months ago in our backyard. We pretty much have the best tasting bananas in the world, and they are the perfect food for babies. We even sun-dried some and made chips. Yum!
P.S. That’s an empty bird’s nest constructed in between the fruit. We’d spotted it before but never saw what kind of birds made it – I made sure it was vacant before starting the harvest.
P.P.S. After harvesting bananas you cut down the tree (actually a “pseudostem”) because it only bears fruit once. Ours get quite thick by the time the fruit is ripe, around the diameter of a basketball, or larger at the base.
P.P.P.S. I bought this bad ass thick brush knife, about 18″ long, maybe carved from a leaf spring. It’s fun as hell to concentrate and try cutting down banana trees with one stroke, although it’s kinda cramped in our backyard so I have to be really careful not to cut my own leg or get crushed by a vengeful felled pseudostem.

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