Papa Piggy

Almost a month ago, a big storm came and blew my ceramic boo-chan (pig-shaped mosquito coil holder) over. As you can see, he did a Humpy-dumpty which made me really sad because I bought him for half off at Jusco in Sumoto a few years back and will probably never buy a 7,000 yen ceramic pig ever again.

Luckily, it was nothing two and a half tubes of super glue (the most popular brand in Thailand is called Power Glue) couldn’t fix:
Actually, if you look closely, you can see that mommy pig’s been put together again, too.

4 thoughts on “Papa Piggy

  1. Impressive. You’re still such a sentimentalist. But be real now, was it you or nanny or Nam who patiently glued Boo-chan back together again?
    If it was you, I’m super-duper impressed, as I hate getting super glued doing repair work!

  2. I am impressed!
    Can you please fix my broken flower pot that your brother shot up with the air rifle? Or fix the air rifle so I can chase off the marauding raccoon that want to eat our fish and turtles?

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