Monkey Time at Kosamphi Forest Park

A few weeks ago we decided to go out for a drive. It was time to take Max for his first visit to the monkey park in the nearby town of Kosum Phisai, so we put his car seat in the trusty old Kujira and were on our way. We took the Kujira instead of the Cefiro because:

  1. Monkeys are little bastards that scratch up cars for fun
  2. Max sleeps really well in the Crown with its worn suspension and lulling vibration
  3. It’s a proper cruising car!!

Max spots some fellow monkeys!
To a normal person, this might just look like a bunch of monkeys sitting in a row, but this sight reminded me of cruising by a red light district in Osaka at night where house after house had an old women standing in the doorway, beckoning passers by to come in (I suppose old women just remind me of monkeys).
Check out the ghost reflection of the key in the ignition!
In the rearview
A discerning mommy wondering whether tthis sun-dried banana is organic or not (it is).
This is why we took the old car.
The Kosamphi Monkey Center (AKA Kosamphi Forest Park, also spelled “Kosumphi”) is a great place to visit if you are tired of seeing giant catfish, and indeed, I think they should just call it a “monkey sanctuary.”

1 thought on “Monkey Time at Kosamphi Forest Park

  1. Too cute!…the baby, that is. I am not a fan of monkeys so I agree that a lot of old women and men look like their simian relatives and probably smell like them too.

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