Oh My Rice

I just happened to be looking at Thai used car sites for some missing pieces to the Crown, and I happened upon one of the riciest piece of riceriffic gohan I’ve ever seen (can you say bad aero kit?). It’s apparently a Crown one year older than mine, which puts it in an earlier series. You’d never be able to tell, though, except maybe from the rear – there’s hardly anything original left on the whole car:
There’s actually a few good things about this car. First of all, the 1JZ(?) stuffed in the engine bay looks hawt. Second, although I didn’t include it, there’s also a photo on the site showing a sunroof, which I assume wasn’t a Toyota factory option in 1970. Third, I like the idea that this car can seemingly be operated with a serious lack of pedals.
Come to think of it, there’s another great thing about this car: The price. It’s selling for 220,000 baht, which at today’s exchange rate is 6,437.46 US. The owner must have put about five times that into matching red parts alone. Dammit, if only I’d had this car in high school – I could have been the king of Little Saigon!

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  1. Is this how you say “Kitt, turbo boost!” in Thai? Who needs pedals when you have all those buttons and switches on the center console.

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