Wolfram|Alpha is racist (wherein I channel Angry Asian Man)

Check out Gizmodo’s post: Wolfram Alpha: A Bit Racist?
Searching for the word “dumb” brings up “results for Racist synonym trees that associated the word dumb with black.”
W|A explained this essentially as follows:
“One thing Wolfram|Alpha gives is synonyms for dumb. An example is “dim”.
…So, “dim” is a synonym of “dumb”. But what are synonyms of “dim”?”
What this doesn’t explain, in my mind, is the results and synonym trees for the “N word.”
n--ger - Wolfram-Alpha_1243753129347.jpg
Better yet, contrast that with the the synonym tree for “honky”:
honky - Wolfram-Alpha_1243754013119.jpg
Now can someone please lexicographically explain the fuck out of that shit?

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