Max has been having a rough week

It seems he had a bad reaction to an MMR vaccine two weekends ago. It caused a fever five days or so after the shot and now he’s broken out in a rash all over his torso… We are monitoring him closely, and he’s been in an understandably grumpy mood for the past five days or so.
Was it a hot shot? Or just a bad reaction?
There’s no way to tell. We took every precaution possible, but it still AAAAAAAARRRRGH… worrying about him drives us crazy.
Everything’s all right for now though, I think.

4 thoughts on “Max has been having a rough week

  1. Yes, it’s awful when baby is suffering and you can’t do much to relieve his symptoms of discomfort. But you ARE doing some very smart things to help him, and to help Nam and yourself, so good work, dad!
    Max is a strong, healthy, resilient boy, so I’m sure he’ll recover with a stronger immune system after this MMR abreaction episode. We are all sending him oodles of love and good prayers!

  2. Awwww, poor Max! I hope he’ll be better very soon!
    Yannick hardly had any reaction to all of those shots he received but they left him with quite some fear of doctors and nurses. We seem to be over that for now but let’s wait for the next set of immunisations.

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