It’s Mango Season

Around these parts, mango season comes at the hottest time of the year. This year, luckily, we have been blessed with rain almost every week, which brings down the temperature and gives everybody a nice respite from the dry heat. The first five months or so when I first came, it didn’t really rain at all, so it’s been nice having a cooler hot season last year and an even cooler one this year.
Back to mangoes, though – everybody seems to have mango trees growing in their yard and a single mature tree can produce perhaps hundreds of fruit every season. So visitors over the past few weeks have kept our fruit baskets overflowing with all different varieties and flavors of mangoes. Combined with the fruit on one of our banana trees ripening a couple weeks ago, Max and family have been enjoying a truly bountiful harvest.

Natchan’s mom plating a particularly delicious variety of mango, “oklong,” from her trees at home, with Nam.


One of my favorite sights in the whole world – a pile of fruit ready to be devoured!


Max is just like daddy – he loves getting his hands dirty eating the pits.

This afternoon while Max slept, it rained again and I sat on the porch with a pocketknife, a plastic bucket, and a few dozen mangoes. I started peeling them one by one and sucking all of the flesh off the pits. Before long, the bucket was filled with pits and skins and sweet mango juice was dribbling down my arms. About the closest sensation I can think of back home is eating fresh peaches: Sweet, sticky fun. The only difference is that mangoes grow all over the place here – it’s one of the most common fruits grown in people’s yards. Thank god for that.
After I could eat no more, I planted the pits outside our fence to begin a new cycle.

1 thought on “It’s Mango Season

  1. I swear my mouth waters thinking about luscious mangoes. I mean, the once we get here are sad little things, not at all like tree-ripened down home mangoes.
    On the other hand, it’s hot in Mahasarakham right now, I guess, and I’d have to eat my mango in the shower, just to escape the humidity and heat!
    Lucky duckies.j

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