near wild heaven

An old woman came by my table at an outdoor restaurant, selling this (plus another similarly-sized chunk) out of a basket. It was the last of her merchandise so she let me have it for 50 Baht ($1.50 US); about 30% off the going rate.
There is nothing more delicious than wild honey, even just a very small amount (It’s the reason Pooh bear is such a fat ass, after all.).

2 thoughts on “near wild heaven

  1. How neato! Do you remember fighting with Adam over who would get the honeycomb to chew on like gum?
    (Those look like dead bees in the honey, honey.)

  2. I’ve never had wild honey before. It looks interesting, but I’d also be afraid of bees chasing me like they did Pooh when he was pretending to be a “little black raincloud”.

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