good or bad?

Philippine fishermen net and eat rare megamouth shark
My initial reaction when I read the headline was that of disgust, but I guess the main question is whether the animal would have gone to waste if they hadn’t eaten it… Would the WWF have preserved it for study? If so, why didn’t they offer to buy it? Would the fisherman have gone hungry if they hadn’t eaten it?

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  1. I agree, staying out of judgment about those fishermen (and their cultural appetites) is a good thing.
    This is not the same as some nations taking out a “scientific purpose” license to hunt whales, or slaughter dolphins, etc.
    Remember the news article about that asshole hunting guide that took his asshole client to shoot and kill the rarest of grizzly/polar bear hybrids? They didn’t kill it for food….
    Truth be told, it’s us civilized sorts that have contributed to massive pollution and global warming that are causing tragic, irreversible loss of ecosystems and animals.


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