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I’ve been through a lot of the archives, and Shai Agassi probably gave the single most important talk at TED this year:

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His talk was about 80% typical enviro-bull, but thankfully his one really good idea, attempting to bring an economy of scale to expensive battery replacements, was towards the beginning of his talk.

> 80% typical enviro-bull
Yeah, there was a lot of that. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to present this idea to get the support he needs. I’m happy he’s smart enough to use it.
I was actually going to say that I wasn’t so impressed with his speaking style or presentation, but the importance and potential of his great ideas really shine through.

I suppose you’re right.
Audience: “You’re doing this because you care, right?”
Shai: “Yeah, whatever. Now give me a check if you want my caring.”
I did get some of that now that you mention it.

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