6 thoughts on “Thai Jungle Barbecue

  1. As you promised, peeled chameleons are gnarly indeed. BBQ’d chameleons are gnarlier. And eating peeled BBQ’d chameleons is a horrible thought this early in the morning!
    Did you crunchy munch on the skeletor heads, too?

  2. Me and Adam are at this very moment, watching a show on Travel Channel called “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmerman, and it just so happens he was just in your backyard, eating this *exact* dish — and showed how he caught the chameleons (some whistling to make’em move, and a fishing wire/noose on the end of a stick). And they ate that weird ant & larvae dish (weaver ants, maybe?) that you ate a while ago. Weird coincidence.
    What did look good were cashew apples. Have you tried them?

  3. > Did you crunchy munch on the skeletor heads, too?
    Not much meat there. I cooked them for a long time because I was concerned about parasites/lizard cooties. By the time I deemed them finished, the heads were shrunken and dry.
    > …cashew apples. Have you tried them?
    No, but they look similar to rose apples, which are one of my favorite fruits here.
    I have some photos in reserve (coming soon) that would destroy whatever the travel channel has the nads to air.

  4. Hurry and change the picture please! It makes me sick to see the page pop up with those poor little skeletor chameleons with no eyes. Hurry!!!
    Or, here’s another thought: Would you please make a dedicated page for just Max and family? Your regular page could still be all things wild, wonderful, gross, nasty, strange, weird, disgusting and full of curiosities. But a Max only site would keep me from falling over sideways foaming at the mouth, twitching all over and moaning in horror. Or not. 🙂

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