1 thought on “returning eastward

  1. I love the article, thanks. Dad and I are planning to put in a Victory Garden (as in “Ultimate Victory over criminal & catastrophic Bush-Jr. policies”) next to the pond out front. He’s tearing out the old wood patio to make way.
    In reading the article, I liked the idea of a light over the pond to attract bugs for the fish and turtles! Now, to get a cute little wood duck to add charm to my pond….
    And hey, I might get some rabbits (cheap, clean protein) and an araucana hen as well. Gotta enjoy the big waves of global economic change and learn to surf well.
    Tell Max to come play at Mei-Mei and Grandfather’s home where the weather is wonderful, food is a-plenty and Boo, Yoda and the puppies romp daily at the park!

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