5 thoughts on “Green Max is Ready to Rumble

  1. I remember that look well. The glint in the eyes, all smiles and bursting with high energy, shaking the bars of near freedom and getting his legs ready to rumble!
    Almost Happy Birthday, Max!

  2. i am looking in the background of the picture, seeing the stereo and phone, and wondering how long they go without being manhandled once the little guy is released from his golden cage… not long, i imagine…

  3. Oh, he totally already pulled both big knobs off the stereo – I didn’t even know they could come off!
    I suppose everything’s gonna have to go up higher – sigh..

  4. Beware heavy stuff going higher and falling down onto baby….you almost rocked the TV off of its stand when you were 2 years old and I had to catch it before it squashed you. When I told you to stop trying to push the buttons, you threw the TV channel changer at me!
    Curious little kids are worse than curious cats!

  5. definitely has the ‘itazurabouzu’ look. No doubt about it. I am fairly certain babies have that adrenaline based super strength thing going on. If it can’t be done…..leave it to the baby. No problem.

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