5 thoughts on “The Cuetlaxochitls* are no longer on the porch

  1. Thank you for the Urban Mythbusting and for not letting any curious babies get a tummy ache! I can’t believe how hot it got so quickly….how does Max handle the heat?

  2. He’s a sweat hog. We should move to Alaska, but Thais don’t do well with prolonged exposure to snow and ice.
    We are sleeping in the living room under the cooler tonight just to see if he likes it.

  3. Oh yeah.. That’s our laundry bag actually. We take clothes that need to be ironed to an outside shop for washing/ironing, and leave it there with the bag. So we actually have this bag and another that’s at the shop probably filled with clean clothes now, waiting to be picked up.
    This is probably the most mundane subject of explanation ever explained in any blog’s comments, but I figured you deserved a proper explanation about the current role of your bag.

  4. Isn’t it great that our offspring can fit in little bags, laundry baskets, and tea cups, not to mention light enough not to break them….well, as least bags and laundry baskets..LOL

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