No Pad Thai for Veoh

“Veoh is no longer available in THAILAND. If you are not in THAILAND or think you have received this message in error, please go to and report the issue.”
So the big question is, if I keep receiving this message in error when trying to visit (and nothing else loads), how the hell do I “go to and report the issue?”
Also, the rule being broken here is that you can’t take away something you already offered for free (especially without good explanation). To the Veoh guy I helped last year at the US consulate in Bangkok: This surely isn’t the full potential for Thailand that you spoke of, is it?

3 thoughts on “No Pad Thai for Veoh

  1. Thanks Ron – I know this isn’t apparent reading the post but I myself have no problem connecting because I use proxies. However, my students who were using the site for classwork have been cut off. It’s not that there’s no alternative, of course, it’s just not nice to feel betrayed.

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