Fascinating article on the Amish

I never knew there were different kinds; the selective technology adoption reminds me of one of the later Stainless Steel Rat books, when said rat visits a planet utilizing steam and coal in modern vehicles.
The title of the article could be a Robot Chicken production: Amish Hackers
Note: This is more informative but less groovalicious than the Amish Drifting video.

1 thought on “Fascinating article on the Amish

  1. I loved the article, thanks! Mika and I used to make the long drive up to the famous Dinner Bell Restaurant in Montana, located in an Amish community.
    While waiting with the other hungry visitors, we’d saunter around the front of the farm, admiring livestock and commenting on the well-crafted, hand-made furniture and other items for sale.
    As we sat down to dinner, a single bright light bulb lit up the long table beneath which was soon laden with two types of meats such as tender fried chicken and pot roast with gravy, farm grown veggies with melted butter, freshly baked breads and fragrant jams, two types of desserts (pies, cakes, cobblers) and silky home made ice cream!
    The Amish children and their families all filed in during the meal to offer us a gift of song, “‘Tis a gift to be Simple, ‘Tis a gift to be Free….”, and we appreciated their gentle ways. Even though their “look” is different, they seemed to be clean, hardworking, ingenious, polite and straightforward.
    There’s a lot of people with college degrees who could learn a thing or two!

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