A message to my Facebook using friends

If you’ve posted anything beyond a recognizable photo on Facebook, you are bound to learn the hard way. That’s my take on it, anyway. Between Facebook’s TOS and willingness to sell you out – yes, YOU, dumbass! – there isn’t a whole lot of hope.
I don’t post about this in spite. I write about this in hope that you might OPEN YOUR EYES. Nothing can come good of a private corporation owning rights to reproduction and usage of your personal data. Get a fucking clue already. Corporations exist to increase shareholder value. Unless you are a shareholder, you are just an asset. Don’t be a fool to boot.

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  1. Does this mean you’re leaving Facebook? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I’ve never really liked the site, with all of its useless gewgaws and Hello Kitty-scale cuteness, but I thought it might be a helpful networking system for my walk project. It hasn’t been all that useful thus far, but that might change.
    In any event, I’m probably going to leave Facebook after the walk is done. As someone who already blogs way too much, Facebook makes me feel as though I’m maintaining an extra blog.

  2. I wrote:
    “As someone who already blogs way too much, Facebook makes me feel as though I’m maintaining an extra blog.”
    Pardon my dangling modifier. That should be:
    “As someone who already blogs way too much, I feel as though I’m maintaining an extra blog when I use Facebook.”
    Mea maxima culpa.
    PS: That “remember personal info?” check box doesn’t seem to work.

  3. > Does this mean you’re leaving Facebook?
    No, because it’s unfortunately the only way I’ll ever see family photos of many old friends…
    When the aliens take over the planet and use Facebook as a slave registry (or perhaps more immediately, when the US government follows the example of Australia and starts serving you court notices on Facebook), I will feel kinda sorry for the random Japanese guy I used for my profile pic.
    Seriously, Facebook is evil. At this point in time, it’s a necessary evil (to me, although I suspect for others as well) because of its sheer popularity with the masses. So although I’m not going to quit using it, I really really want people to stop exposing so much personal information there (I’ve seen a few profiles with home addresses; that’s just fucking ridiculous).

  4. Facebook is not as bad. Facebook is fastest growing networking website today. There are millions of people who are using facebook. So may be some of them disappointed.

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