Slogging through my cellphone photos

From September 2003 to May 2006, I ran a moblog as well as a moblog sidebar as a PHP include on this blog. I really liked it and think I was one of the most prolific adopters of moblogging at the time.This golden era ended when the gateway I used to e-mail blog entries from my phone suddenly died. I had put so much work into tweaking the sidebar publishing system and maintaining it over the years that I really couldn’t bear the idea of doing it half-assed with a flickr widget or starting over from scratch again, so I just omitted it from the design completely. Sad.
Anyhow, all of that doesn’t really matter anymore because I’ve ended up in a GSM country where the phones are just beginning to evolve to where Japanese keitais were about eight years ago. E-mail? Internet? PC Modem? These functions are all available for a hefty sum of money, but are really quite pathetic from a Japanese user’s perspective so I don’t even bother. Here, mobiles are for voice com and texting and capturing photos/video for mainly offline use, and that’s it.
So. I’ve downloaded photos from the crappy camera on my crappy phone via USB cable, Bluetooth, IR, and primitive GSM voodoo, and it’s time to get it online in the spirit of my long lost moblog. The next several entries are all from my camera’s phone, and represent the best out of a hundred or so I took last year.

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