Max is sick

It started with a runny nose a week ago, then a fever four days ago. Then coughing two days ago and a rash on his face this morning. The pediatrician thinks it’s a bacterial infection in his intestines and perhaps an allergy as well. Max is now on an antibiotic course and taking a lot of fluids – mama’s milk, lactose-free formula (mostly sugar it seems), electrolyte beverage and water.
I’m not too worried because he’s a strong boy and getting sick is part of growing up, but it’s hard on Nam because he’s even more weepy and sensitive than he was a few days ago. She’s not getting much sleep at all, and is basically carrying him all day and all night except when he allows the nanny or me to spell her for a little while. We have to go see the pediatrician again tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it all ends well soon (especially the rash on his face, it pains us to look at it and we couldn’t bear to take a photo for reference, either)
I happened to be going through New Years photos as I wrote this so here’s a photo of Max and his great grandma:

4 thoughts on “Max is sick

  1. He is a strong boy and it is worrisome to see him suffer with this thing.
    Go to and look up surrogate tapping for sick babies.
    It works and you’ll be helping him in the best way possible. Wish I was there to help!

  2. Dude, I just looked at both faces and see a LOT of Max in Grandma’s face!
    Wow. Now I know what he’ll look like at her age! So cool.

  3. Roseola. Yup, all four of you kids had it and I survived it only to deal with long weeks of cabin fever with successive bouts of kiddie-borne Chicken Pox and other parent-worrying but immune-building childhood illnesses. Thanks for being supportive and hanging in there with Nam while Max gets through this first baby sickness episode!

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