Max is currently going through a very clingy stage with mommy. The past few nights, he would only sleep if she was holding him – and get this – walking steadily. The second she tried to set him on his bed or even just sit down while still holding him, he would start sobbing uncontrollably (BTW, it’s amazing how babies can tell if you’re actually walking or just sitting and rocking back and forth to emulate walking). This went on all night, every night, and I’m impressed that Nam still goes to work and functions normally and all that.
Yesterday I stayed home with the baby all afternoon and watched him while his nanny cleaned the house. He was demanding, as ever, but not nearly as weepy as he is with mommy. Oh well. He has full rows of front teeth emerging top and bottom, so maybe it’s just driving him a little bit crazy… I often tell him not to be such a baby, but he just ignores me. Oh well, I guess this is all part of parenthood.
I plan to post some pictures from last week if I get the chance later.

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