Sweet cryer o’ mine

Some children have more annoying cries than others; that’s just the way it is. I wonder, however, if the parents of children with really annoying cries find their own children’s cries less annoying than the cries of others. It would be only natural I suppose, but it’s kind of impossible to gauge in the real world:

“Hey, you know how your kid’s crying is, subjectively, really quite annoying, right? Yeah, well do you personally find it less annoying than the sound of other, less subjectively annoying crying? Yeah? I thought that might be the case… Oh. What? You think it’s because he’s massively intelligent and superior to all other babies in the vicinity? Sure, that must be it; it couldn’t just be that he has an annoying cry… Dumbass.

This is what happens when I overdose on baby head smell in the mornings.

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