Insect appetizers

These went really well with the snake soup last week. We forgot to take photos of them past the prep stage, though. They were salted and deep fried, and then their heads were taken off which allowed easy deveining ala shrimp. As far as I could tell they were a cross between a cricket and a potato bug (mmm, potatoes), but as large as your thumb.

Birth of a U.S. Citizen Abroad, reported

Now all we have to do is wait for the results. If everything goes well I’ll go to pick up his passport in two or three weeks.
The entire application took less than an hour, including filling out forms for reporting the birth of a U.S. citizen abroad as well as a passport (BTW, did you know there are “passport books” as well as “passport cards” now? The former are standard passports and the latter are for visiting countries bordering the US and US territories or something like that.).
One funny thing is that the interviewer didn’t believe that I didn’t have dual Japanese/American citizenship although I thought I explained what a Japanese American is very well. Oh well, the mixing pot is sometimes hard to imagine unless you’ve been there (the interviewer in question wasn’t from the US).
Max did fine on the plane and in the Bangkok confusion. He only threw a fit once, and we happened to be at Nam’s aunts’ house in Lad Prao at the time, so everything went very smoothly.

Literal Video Version: A-Ha

For the 80’s music video nerd in you:

I recently had an 80’s themed dream: Adam Ant and Robert Smith were inventing Jolt in Charlie Sheen’s backyard as a sort of before-its-time Junkyard Wars competition.
That is all.

Back Soon…

We are off to Bangkok to claim Max’s American citizenship. Wish us luck!
We should be back on Wednesday of next week. We will probably not be checking email until then…