Mahoroba is Japanese Arcadia

Max was overtired and sleep-deprived today, so he just threw a big fit on and off for a couple hours. It was impossible to get any work done, but I still love him with all my heart.
———- —- — — – – – — ———- —- — — – – – —
Sometimes, though, I stay in the bathroom longer than I need to… And I’m not even reading. The ceiling fan turns and water from the shower drips with a steady rhythm… I’m hesitant to leave my sphere of tranquility. It seems that Thailand is my new Yamato and my bathroom is the precise location of Mahoroba.
———- —- — — – – – — ———- —- — — – – – —
See? I’m not the only one hesitant to emerge from my hiding place:

1 thought on “Mahoroba is Japanese Arcadia

  1. thy loo is thy castle. There is no better therapy than a nice sit in your loo. Close enough that wanted action won’t be missed – yet far enough that given the assumptive causal aroma – nobody in their right mind would dare interrupt.

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