Almost crawling

He can lift his head quite high, and he can propel himself forward with great force, but he can’t yet do both at the same time. He has a lot of fun acting like a human bulldozer, though.
We are greatly enjoying these days of limited mobility – he can move to one side on of his crib while sleeping and even roll over occasionally, but he basically stays put. Also, he can cry and sigh and burp and laugh and coo, but he can’t tell us, “no.” All in all, newborn to five months is a pretty great age.

1 thought on “Almost crawling

  1. It’s great that you’re enjoying little rugrat and that he’s been such a sweet boy for you and mommy! When he says “no”, hopefully you’d have studied
    Dr. Don Blackerby’s site, on NLP, EFT & Education/kids, so you are in a happy and supportive place with him from the beginning of “no”! 🙂

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