3 thoughts on “Maxie Waxie

  1. Awwww, what a happy face! It might not be gay, but it definitely is fun to remember, all the time I got to sing and play with baby Max!

  2. J – When you grow old and depend on Max to take care of you, he is going to do the same thing to your wrinkly face and post it on this blog. Pay back is a bitch…

  3. You know, I have to say I admire Dave’s honesty ad forthrightness. At least he’s saying out loud what a lot of viewers are probably saying to themselves…poor baby! The thing is, you can do this now while baby Max is tiny and helpless and it’s cute. I hope that if he does do it to you when you’re old and wrinkly, he doesn’t post a photo of changing your Depends diaper and the contents within!

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