This is not an intentional attack site

A couple of friends let me know that this site is being listed as an “attack site” in Firefox 3 and at least one antivirus program (Avast). This is not without reason. I found a hijacking script in my main index page today. I promptly deleted it, but am not sure how the script got there in the first place. I’ve taken steps to prevent it from happening again, but this is just another reason I’m leaving Dreamhost.
In the meantime, I apologize if this problem affected anybody, and this is NOT AN ATTACK SITE (anymore, admittedly).
I wonder how long it will take for FF3 to unlist me as an attack site now. According to this page, “The list of known attack sites is maintained by the community and updated regularly.” Hope that works both ways, for removing attack site status as well as adding it. Anybody know? (hint hint)
Here is the warning message appearing in Firefox 3: View image

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