Can’t find a baby scale for sale in Isan…

I did, however, find a calibrated vegetable scale at the big marketplace in downtown Mahasarakham for 750 Baht (can weigh up to 15 kgs., green-colored 5 kgs. model was 500 Baht). To this I attached a baby bath chair with a couple plastic ties and some stiff Japanese cord (I know, I know this is just a step above duck taping, but it seems to be working out OK).

3 thoughts on “Can’t find a baby scale for sale in Isan…

  1. Ingenious, but maybe we can find something ultra stable so Mr. WiggleBottoms doesn’t tip over. Those plastic ties do make me wince, but hey, it works, and that’s fine.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you and Mommy and Max. But I have one question:
    After looking at the baby scale, I’m wondering, Geez, what do you use to grind coffee? Do they have Starbucks over there?
    Stop laughing.

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