Max & Jak’s Monkey

Jak was my dad’s Shih Tzu. My bro, Adam, gave Jak the monkey a few years back. I stole it from Jak and have now given it to Max. This monkey has traveled all around the world by plane, train, ship, and automobile. I use a photo of it as an avatar everywhere. The monkey has no name, it’s only known as “Jak’s monkey.”

6 thoughts on “Max & Jak’s Monkey

  1. That’s great! Now I can actually see how big Max is by comparison to the monkey.
    When are we going to see the photo of you, Nam, Max all together?
    Has Max settled into a comfortable pattern yet?

  2. He seems like a pretty calm baby in all of the photos. Does he cry or fuss much? Is he letting you sleep through the night already?

  3. i hope you washed it. nevermind, you’re baby is going to have a super-immunity from living over there. go roll him around in the mud!

  4. > Does he cry or fuss much?
    Yes. Not time to take photos when he goes nuclear… He’s quite loud for his size, but only when he wants food, a diaper change, or to be burped (most of his waking hours).
    > Is he letting you sleep through the night already?
    We usually wakes up at 1AM, sometimes at 3AM, and then at 6AM on the dot. He’s better than other babies I’ve read about.
    > Not my dog!
    Only the owner can give him away. Or buid him a boxing ring, for that matter…
    >Hey, do you still have Log?
    I don’t know. Haven’t seen Log since we moved to Thailand. Log is currently MIA.
    > …hold on to the stuffed toys?
    Because you never give me iPods or Nikons. Although, I might lose something like that.

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