Already holding his own?

OK, I admit he can only do it for a matter of seconds and that this photo was taken during one of those brief periods, but this is still impressive by any measure. One of these days, my child will probably onz joo (he onz me already).

1 thought on “Already holding his own?

  1. I just sent via Express Mail, (yes, expensive but he’s worth it!) the best new system for bottles-to-nursing ease. It has an air-release feature on the bottom of the bottle so Max’s tummy doesn’t get air bloat which should ease his colickiness and pain. Try all the pacifiers; I’ll send the type he takes to best. Make sure to have a pacifier leash attached to his blanket so you can always fine it when he needs it. I’ve seen parents in a total panic mode over “Where’s the binky?!!” syndrome. I also found the cream for Nam after going to 4 drugstores. It seems to be very popular and sold out all over. Now I can relax.

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