fuxxxor the beijing olympics

Is it just me, or have the Olympics seriously gone downhill since, say, the end of the Cold War?
I mean, let’s face it, the television coverage is usually so bad it really wouldn’t matter if nobody made an effort watch at all.
It occurred to me that this year’s games are perhaps the closest thing to the 1936 Summer Olympics we will ever see; on the flip side what that means is that we seriously need a modern day Jesse Owens with Tibetan ancestry.
The following passage is from the Wikipedia article linked above:

Hitler removed signs stating “Jews not wanted” and similar slogans from the main tourist attractions. Hitler desired to clean up Berlin, the German Ministry of Interior authorized the chief of Berlin Police to arrest all gypsies and keep them in a special camp. Nazi officials ordered that foreign visitors should not be subjected to the criminal strictures of anti-homosexual laws.

I’m just saying…
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