Back Home

I have much to write about. However, I also have many soiled diapers to wash and many other chores around the house before I can do anything even resembling play.
Just being back home feels good, though.
And on the way back home, we found out that Max likes reggae.

6 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Welcome home, family! It must be sweet to finally have Max and Nam fill the house with loud (Max) and loving (Nam) energy!
    Thanks for being such a great daddy-o, cleaning diapers and such.

  2. I’m searching for a non-chlorine bleach. Until then, my washing ritual consists of:
    1. Soaking the diapers in hot water
    2. Hand-washing the poopy ones in hot water
    3. Washing in washer with extra rinse cycle (w/baby detergent)
    4. Drying in sunlight for several hours
    The last step is really important since we’re not using bleach.

  3. Yay! You made it home! Props to you for doing the cloth diaper thing. You should get the onesies they have in china with the butt-cutouts so you can skip the whole diaper process…The kids take care of their business in the street. Talk about eco-friendly!

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