Hanzo Steel Remix

I was sure I’d blogged about this previously but I can’t find the post, so…. You MUST MUST MUST check out this (old) remix of the Hanzo Steel albums over at b00mb0x: rollinupinmyrizla
I’ve been listening to it on and off for the past two years and it still makes me giggle.

total playing time 24:43
Track Listing:
00. i am gonna kill bill intro
01. blackstone & atari – bang bang (ouverture)
02. blackstone & atari – battle without honor or humanity
03. blackstone & atari – twisted nerve
04. bart blackstone – shepherd’s revenge
05. dj gerry v – the flower of carnage (fives mix)
06. bart blackstone – half japanesie (green hornet hardcore roar rmx)
07. billions mcmillions – the hanzo style
08. billions mcmillions – five-point palm exploding heart technique
09. bart blackstone – wrath of beatrix
10. hanzo steel outro

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