Enter the Daver

So I come home from a much-needed vacation only to be confronted with one of the strangest internet sights I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen things that would make you cry): Cosmic Buddha’s resident drummer in a tinfoil hat holding a cat wearing the same, headlining an article over at Wired about – hold it – conspiracy theories!
At the end of the article, the author, Noah Shachtman credits the photo to a forum called CR4, but I couldn’t find anything there. I think it’s up to Dave to find out the story behind his clone.
UPDATE: It would seem that my google-fu is much stronger than yours. I present an earlier occurrence of this photograph, as well as the possible original source.
If Dave wants to find his long-lost brother, he should get in touch with the webmaster at Planet Wally.
Also, I’ll post the photo in question in the extended entry below for future reference.


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